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Puerto Rico Is the Answer presents Progress Report to the Secretary of the Department of Economic Development & Commerce

The Board of Directors of Puerto Rico Is the Answer (PRANS) met with the Secretary of the Department of Economic Development & Commerce (DDEC), Alberto Bacó Bagué, to present the Progress Report of the first year of operations, which included details of the goals accomplished from the 2015 Work Plan, projects managed and achievements. In addition, strategies were discussed on how to work in close cooperation to make sure important projects in the pipeline continue until completion to further Puerto Rico’s economic development. Representing DDEC, in addition to the Secretary, were Juan Carlos Suárez, Under-Secretary, Caroline López and Michael Juarbe Laffitte. Representing PRANS were Miguel A. Ferrer, Gabriel Hernández, both Co-Chairmans and María Elena Cristy, Executive Director.

María Elena Cristy expressed during the meeting, “We are pleased to inform that the process is an efficient and accurate one as demonstrated by these success metrics.”Graphic Total Efforts

During 2015, a total of 431 efforts was achieved by all participants in our platform to promote Puerto Rico as a destination for doing business and investment, through presentations, meetings or conference calls to potential “leads”. Of these, 47 (10.9 %) have their approved decrees and an additional 65 (15%) submitted the required documents and are awaiting for the approval of their decrees.


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